Monday, 7 March 2016

Smart water development from

With the advent of Smart City solutions in Indian cities there is high need for water and electricity management. As this has become a recent new addition to city and town planning, Smart city solutions are enabling better capability to city development.

In terms of statistics, the water related problem of diseases causes 38mn Indians to be affected annually. At the most water availability is expected to decline to 1140 mtr cb by 2050 from 1545 mtr cb in 2011. There is need to adopt sustained water management planning and practice. The use of rainfall water is integrated for drinking and irrigation purposes only. The current scenario of water management schemes of government like Integrated Ganga Conservation Mission to restore the river had costed Rs 2,100 crores (US$ 339 million) which was allocated for 2015-16.

Smart Water solutions would effectively reduce the strain on government budget while associating more with frequent growing need for flood prevention and clean water. This is possible where cities have water which is not always available but where people need it. Also in cities for making their water smarter: more efficient, safe and available. Smart Water solutions have helped water utilities get up to 30% in energy savings and 15% of reduction of water losses from leak detection, energy and process optimization, and urban flooding solutions.

            As cities grow, it is essential to provide clean and affordable water for consumption, as well as industries and irrigation. This means that water distribution needs to be optimized, operational and energy costs reduced. This is why water agencies and utilities worldwide have been relying on the organization Schneider Electric’s best integrated solutions for water and wastewater planning. Similar to Smart Grid deployments in the energy industry, advanced technology solutions support network operations efficiency and best practices. These components are highly integrated, assuring that data is complete, accurate, and secure, and that related operations are timely. Smart water solutions as part of Smart City solutions from are proving to be useful and timely in the initiative from government and spearheading the challenge of smart water provision in cities of the country. City planning and urban landscape in the millennium cannot sustain without proper channeling of water for multiple uses. As a resource and valid need of citizen, the cities must employ solutions such as Smart Water for enabling best development of planned urbanization, industrialization and modernization to global quality levels.

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