Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Smart city technology solutions from Ajeevi

Smart city solution from Ajeevi, the technology provider in India is all gearing up for the 100 smart city campaigns in India. Ajeevi has been at forefront of smart city solutions being provided in cities like Bhubaneswar, Indore, and Delhi etc. Smart city solutions from Ajeevi have been recently deployed. These projects embark on an ambitious plan for the organization and founded in 2012. Being the participant in category of technology providers to smart city campaign, Ajeevi hopes to be the market pioneer in technologies such as apps development, ERP and IOT.

Smart city enablement for water, transport, e-governance, electricity and many other areas use internet and software technologies like ERP, IOT, app development in addition to innovations.  These innovations include electronic service delivery, complete treatment of waste water, smart meter management, monitoring quality of water, renewable source of energy, efficient energy and green building, with either smart parking or an intelligent traffic management system. It started with IBM beginning work on smarter cities initiative in 2008, and by 2009 this concept got implemented in cities of Vienna, Aarhus, Amsterdam, Cairo, Lyon, Malaga, and Malta.

The quality of life, better investments for gainful cycle of growth and development is essential for next decade in India. This is ascertainable from fact that 31% of India's current population is in urban areas and provides 63% of GDP (2011). Along with the urbanization, these areas would have 40% of population and provide 75% of GDP by 2030. This makes the smart city important for developing social and economic infrastructure.  

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