Friday, 25 March 2016

Smart city progress from India

India is a country of fast growing industries and multi culture fabric in the Asian subcontinent. Smart city concept as the initiative of Government of India has recently been endorsed for almost twenty from hundred cities. This is clearly a sign of changing modern urbanization and smart city enablement.

A clear mandate of smart city progress has been provided with technology solutions in the recent past. Three cities of Bhubaneswar, Jaipur and Pune have topped the smart city challenge readiness in 2016. These cities scored the highest in the tally for smart city score from various aspects like performance, efficiency, effectiveness, policy formulation, planning and implementation among many others. The cities are now planning for gearing up on technology solutions for sectors like education, transport, water, e-governance, waste, and electricity. The cause is to support and provide the technologies which would enhance quality of life, lower the pressure on provisions, smooth delivery and proper maintenance.

 Over the years many cities of world have been able to gain smart city position whereas the initiative in India is massive in scale and scope. These capable technologies induce better safety, higher output at less cost and maximum capability in operative facilitation. The functions of smart city are being defined to a level only thought of before.

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