Friday, 25 March 2016

Smart city technology from Ajeevi for Indore

Ajeevi for smart city solutions provides the technology solutions for various domains. Ajeevi technologies, vision of a young entrepreneur was founded in 2012. Ajeevi pursues a mission of social & environmental reform, which will not only ease life of a common man but also save natural resources consumed in everyday activities. Several researches conducted on subject have offered different ways to make planet greener and save natural resources for future generations. This mission will make the cities smarter.

Smart city technologies for a city like Indore in Madhya Pradesh would do well in water and transport. With our metered connections, 24x7 availability of clean water and wifi based data analytics the pursuit of water for all and pure water is not just a dream but a reality. Our experienced team of experts provides the best technologies in IT like ERP, IOT as well as software development to take care of city needs of water and transport. In transport, the PTD would be benefited by operational excellence from deploying the best software like one based on ERP (enterprise resource planning) for bus and fleet management. The development of city has been projected to gain more from government and private partnerships.

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